Export with UTF8 characters

Hello all,

I'm stucked since one month in a new problem on Elasticsearch, and i could not find anywhere a solution for it.
I am using Kibana 4.3.1

I have an "export" button which is meant to export in a excel file some results. The export in working well but when i have a look in the content of the exported file, I ran into a few problems of stability during the saving of the UTF-8 files.

(please have a look in the screenshots below) : tha charracters such as "é" or "'", or "à", etc are not well displayed.

Could someone help me please :-s

Thanks a lot, in advance for your help.


Pretty strange, I have the version 4.6.3 and it's OK. I remember it was OK before too. Can you upgrade your Kibana ?
Does you file .csv is well detected as UTF8 in XL ?


Hello xavierfacq,

I am working with Tijot.
The main problem we have is that when we import the csv file and then open it with Excel, some characters are not well displayed (as you can see in Tijot's picture).
We are using Kibana in our company, we don't have the empowerment to update Kibana.
To answer your question, when we open the csv file in Excel, the file is known as ANSI and not as UTF-8. It means that as soon as we download a file from Kibana, we have to change ANSI for UTF-8 in Excel.

So we wanted to change this. When we open the file we want UTF-8 by default.

Best regards.

Hi Noh,

AFAIK a CSV file cannot "informe" Excel that's his content is UTF-8, there is no header or anything else that can help :frowning:
Maybe you can process the csv file to convert into an XLS one after the download and before importing into Excel ?


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