How to upgrade a cluster

I am upgrading a cluster in version 1.0.3 to 1.2.3 and I am confused by

According to the description at
I can disable the allocation before I started the upgrading process.

Then I disabled the allocation at first, after that I upgrade one of my
node to 1.2.3, then restart the elasticsearch, I saw the node join
the existing cluster well, but the upgraded node was keeping blank without
any shards recognized, since the allocation has been
disabled, the other nodes in old version did not do any reshard too. But
according to the document I parsed above, it says that even
I disable the allocation, " With shard reallocation disabled, the nodes
will join the cluster with their indices intact"

I guess that if I proceed to upgrade the left nodes, all the shards will
become unavailable since the restarted node does not recognize existing
when allocation is disabled, thus I stopped my operation after the first
node was upgraded.

My question is how I can upgrade my nodes with allocation disabled? Is it a
bug? If I have to upgrade all the nodes with allocation enabling, it seems
a vast amount of unnecessary IO for resharding will occur.

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