How to Upgrade ElasticSearch v2.1.0 to v5.2.2?

we are using elasticserach v2.1.0 on production server(centos 7, 64bit).
we need to upgrade to v5.2.2.
i don't see any upgrade scripts from elasticsearch website or other sources.
i have followed ElasticSearch Upgrade documentation:

i stuck on upgrade_note section
i don't see much details about 'Section: 3 Stop and upgrade a single node"

i am getting few exception while installing 'rpm -ivh v5.2.2' on elasticsearch box(v2.1.0 running)
can you please help/share upgrade process steps/script if available.

You will need to follow as you cannot do rolling upgrades between major versions.

direct upgrade procedure is not available in shared link.
elasticsearch v2.1.0 is running on centos7 machine.
i want to upgrade to ealsticsearch v5.2.2
i have used 'Installing from the RPM repository' section
sudo yum install elasticsearch
is worked well, but it is always download/upgrading latest elasticsearch i.e. 5.3+ not 5.2.2
hence i have following below section steps.
Download and install the RPM manually
i have seen couple of exception as described above, hence i have uninstalled elasticsearchv2.1.0 and installed new version v5.2.2. it works well.
is above approach correct? let me know your thoughts.

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