How to use Elasticsearch "search request fields" in Kibana to limit/restrict fields available in panels

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This is primarily a Kibana question. I'm wondering if (and how) I can use
the search request
fields feature of elasticsearch (i.e.,
in a kibana templates dashboard

I want to restrict (limit) the fields resulting from queries (or filters)
and passed on
to the Kibana analytic/panels.

In elasticsearch I can easily do this - for example:

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/myindex/_search?pretty' -d '{
  "fields": [ "ltime", "bytes", "ploss" ],
  "query": {
        "term" : { "" : "ukraine" }

does exactly what I want -- but I can't seem to make it work in Kibana by
template (json) files in Kibana (i.e., json files residing in Kibana's
app/dashboards directory).
There is no error condition from addition of the fields attribute; it just
seems to be ignored.

I am wanting to do this both to limit visibility to some fields and also for
performance (I typically only need a small subset of the 100 or so fields in
the ES documents for any given Kibana dashboard).

Thanks for any pointers.

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