How to use execution hint in kibana

I am trying to create Data table visualization on Kibana having 5 aggregrations but request gets timed out because of high cardinality of 2 terms.

I made same query on elastic with execution_hint as map. Query is 10 times faster than default execution_hint.

I want to know how can i acheive execution_hint as map in Kibana. Currently my Kibana version is 4.5

Hi Varun,

you can actually add to the JSON of the aggregation using the "JSON input" under Advanced when editing the terms aggregation. That JSON will be merged into the JSON for the terms aggregation, so you can use it to set the execution_hint:


Though not sure if that possibility was already there in 4.5, since that version is quite outdated and not supported anymore. If the advanced JSON input does not exist at that time, updating to a more recent version should solve the issue.


Thanks @timroes. It helped :slight_smile:

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