How to use Geo-Server with Kibana

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Hello community,

I am following the article (, I would like to add the US_counties in vector map with join field as county-name in kibana with the help of geoserver.

I understand that just adding the layers on kibana configuration file is enough but I have no idea how to use geoserver with kibana to get the results.

If anyone has any document or post a comment would be much appreciated.

(kulkarni) #2

Setting up a geoserver should be easy for sharing geo-spatial data. Its a free and open-source WMS server, which makes it compatible with Kibana. Downloading and installing this software onto your favorite platform is easy, and results in a Web Front end that you can log into to manage your tile service. Once the server is running, you can log into via http://:8080/geoserver


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