How to use Lens to visualize/consider monitors down in a row

Hey there,
I am trying to use Lens to visualize Heartbeat monitors down in a row.
For example, I try to create a table to get the % values of service down in a specific time interval;
every Heartbeat check will run every 5 minutes but I will consider the service down only after 3 errors in a row. is it possible to do that?

Currently, this is my table
Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 16.42.39

and this is the used kql :
count(kql='monitor.status : "up" ') / count()

I am facing the same problem also using a time series visualization. I would not see the annotation at the first down event; I would like to see it after 3.

Hi @rschirin - thanks for your interest in querying Heartbeat data.

Unfortunately there's no easy way to do this out-of-the-box. Our team has had similar challenges when discussing features like this for the Uptime application. We typically focus on overall number down within a given span, rather than tracking individual ordering of pings. For example, that's how the query responsible for tracking monitor status rules/alerting works.

It might be possible to do this using a custom scripted metric aggregation, but that would not be easy to visualize.

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Hello @rschirin ,

It might be possible if you only have one heartbeat location, it get's complex if you want to accumulate results from multiple locations, let me know if you use-case is only limited to one location, i can guide you on how to do that in Lens.


Hi @shahzad31, I am really interested to do that. It is ok also with heartbeat from one location. Thanks