How to use more than 10 filters without having a error message

Helle everyone,

Since one week, im stucked! please come and save me!! :disappointed_relieved:-(

I am trying to initiate a new dashboard and the results that i want to display is a result that i can obtain with the addition of 12 filters.
So when i go in tne "Discover panel", i have a error message displaying when i try to add a eleventh filter:
[$rootScope:infdig] 10 $digest() iterations reached.Aborting!
watchers fired in the last 5 iterations:[]$rootScope/infdig?p0=10&p1=[%D

Does anybody here understand something in this error message and/ or can help me please to solve my issue?

thanks in advance for your time!!


Does adding the 12th filter first work, or it always fails on the 12th filter, no matter which filter that is? FWIW I was able to add 13 filters without an issue. There shouldn't be an arbitrary limit to the number of filters you can add.

Hello Stacey, Thanks for your quick reply.

I always have the message error as soon as i try to add a 11th filter.

Maybe you could help me more by having a lokk on the screenshots below?

I am wondering if i don't have to change something in my settings? like the "history limit"?

PS: I am using Kibana 4.3.0

Thanks in advance for your precious help.


Sorry for disturbing you :-s

My need is to to have a array without these data: CASA-R1000, CASA-R1002, CASA-R1003, CASA-R1004, CASA-R1005, CASA-R1006, CASA-R1007, CASA-R2000, the filter "Actif "sup" and the data CASA-R1008.

i was wonderring if there is not another way to settle theses filter by adding them in the same request, rather than adding these filter one by one?
(I don't know whether explaining this much is enough)

for example : i have this request when i want to exclude CASA-R1000:

How to add also CASA-R1001 and CASA-R2000 in this same request?

Thanks in advance a lot for your time !!!

Check out this discuss issue, it might help: Best way to search a field for a large set of values

It walks through creating a filter with an array of values. If you create a similar filter, and negate it, I think you might be able to get the same affect with a single filter.

You can also try adding the filters in the query bar and seeing if you can get around the issue that way.

Thanks again for your reply and the link of the other topic,

I've tried to put into effect your advices, but unfortunately i failed again :frowning:
This is what i have :

  1. my initial filter on only one value is this one below:

and then when i try to filter the second date in the sama request:

I have a JSON error message popping up: Could not parse JSON input

Thanks in advance for your time ,

You'll have to change the query a bit. Try something like this:

  "query": {
    "bool": {
      "filter": {
        "terms": {
          "Identifiant": [

That will show results for CASA-R100 OR CASA-R1001 so you'll have to then negate the filter if you want none of those to show up.

Oh my God!!! it works!! just awesome! Thanks you a lot lot lot!
I was stucked since 2 weeks!!!!!

Stacey, genious, you are!!!

  • if one day, you pass near Paris, please let me know it. My boss and I, will be honoured to offer you a bottle of french champagne! (or delicious french Jura's cheese)

Thanks again a lot Stacey!

You are very welcome, glad I could help. If I am ever in Paris I will be sure to take you up on that offer! :champagne: :cheese: :smile:

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Hi Stacey,

I work with Tijot and it is my turn to request your help regarding the filter.
I'd like to know if we can use a query based on a truncated string of characters.

In order to correctly use a specific filter I'm supposed to add the following term:
"D3_VNNO - NORIA,AR - Contrôle des Autorisations de Prêts,BJ - Gestion des créances mobilisables,P5 - ACREA – Gestion des Collatéraux,XP - PALMA - Système de Collecte et de Transformation des Données,VN_REFC - PRISME REFERENTIEL COMMUN,LK_CALC - Risques Bque Détail CR- Notation Bâle II" (Yes ! It's very long !)

So I'd like to know if a specific query exist for a truncated string of characters.
In my example it would allow me to add only "D3_VNNO" in the request

Thanks a lot

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