How to use pipelines.yml


I wanted to try to use multiple pipelines.

Starting from plain logstash 6.2.2 out from tar.gz file.
Unzipped and chown for all files to logstash:logstash

made following changes to pure logstash.yml: test
path.logs: /var/log/logstash/benchmark_6.2.2

here is my pipelines.yml

# useractionlog
- useractionlog
  pipeline.workers: 1
  pipeline.output.workers: 1
  queue.type: memory
  path.config: "/usr/local/elastic/logsash/pipelines/useractionlog
# ttp
- ttp
  pipeline.workers: 1
  pipeline.output.workers: 1
  queue.type: memory
  path.config: "/usr/local/elastic/logsash/pipelines/ttp

trying to start logstash from its bin folder:

[root@elasticsearch-test bin]# sudo -u logstash ./logstash --path.settings /usr/local/elastic/logstash/logstash-6.2.2/config/ -t
Sending Logstash's logs to /var/log/logstash/benchmark_6.2.2 which is now configured via
[2018-03-05T15:02:47,644][INFO ][logstash.modules.scaffold] Initializing module {:module_name=>"fb_apache", :directory=>"/usr/local/elastic/logstash/logstash-6.2.2/modules/fb_apache/configuration"}
[2018-03-05T15:02:47,664][INFO ][logstash.modules.scaffold] Initializing module {:module_name=>"netflow", :directory=>"/usr/local/elastic/logstash/logstash-6.2.2/modules/netflow/configuration"}
ERROR: Failed to read pipelines yaml file. Location: /usr/local/elastic/logstash/logstash-6.2.2/config/pipelines.yml
  bin/logstash -f CONFIG_PATH [-t] [-r] [] [-w COUNT] [-l LOG]
  bin/logstash -e CONFIG_STR [-t] [--log.level fatal|error|warn|info|debug|trace] [-w COUNT] [-l LOG]
  bin/logstash -i SHELL [--log.level fatal|error|warn|info|debug|trace]
  bin/logstash -V [--log.level fatal|error|warn|info|debug|trace]
  bin/logstash --help
[2018-03-05T15:02:48,274][ERROR][org.logstash.Logstash    ] java.lang.IllegalStateException: org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: (SystemExit) exit

when I check my the pipeline file, permission seems to fit:

[root@elasticsearch-test benchmark_6.2.2]# ls -l  /usr/local/elastic/logstash/logstash-6.2.2/config/pipelines.yml
-rw-r--r--. 1 logstash logstash 3742 Mar  5 14:23 /usr/local/elastic/logstash/logstash-6.2.2/config/pipelines.yml

Where is my mistake?

Thanks, Andreas

ah f***
missing ending quotes...

now it works :wink:
getting more blind the longer you are watching it ...

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