How to use the log tail feature in Kibana 6.5.4

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Hello All,

I am using fluentd as my log shipper for kubernetes microservices. I have read that the new kibana version have the log tailing feature for viewing the changes in the logs. Can someone guide me how it can work with a fluentd shipper!!

Currently I am using the logtrail pluggin for this purpose.


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You just need to use the Logs app, see

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But it seem to only work with the filebeat indices. Should I do some workaround for the fluentd log(which is shipped as logstash format) for it to work?


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Hi @akhisar,

the Logs UI by default indeed looks at the filebeat-* indices and requires at the very least a @timestamp and a message or @message field on the documents.

The index pattern and the timestamp field can currently be changed via the Kibana config file using the settings

  logAlias: 'my-log-indices-*'
    timestamp: 'my-timestamp-field'

This configuration will be made available via the UI very soon (see Kibana PR #26786 for the progress).

Using these settings it should be possible for you to make the fluentd indices available in the Logs UI.

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