How to visualize deeper into a donut chart?


We'd like to implement something similar to the "baobab" tool on Ubuntu. It's a tool that displays information about the size of all the folders and files in the hard drive.

It starts with a simple donut chart representing the aggregated size of the top-level folders. Then if one is interested, one can click on a given top-level folder, which leads to a new donut chart showing in detail the sizes of each subfolder inside that top-level folder.

Is this possible to implement in Kibana?


You can kind of do this using drilldowns: Make dashboards interactive | Kibana Guide [8.5] | Elastic

It works like this:

  • Create a dashboard with the first level pie chart
  • Create a separate dashboard with the second level pie chart and so on
  • Add a drilldown to the pie chart panel to go to the second level dashboard with the selected filter (and so on)

When doing this it allows you to start on the first dashboard and drill down by clicking a pie slice of the first level, going to the dashboard with the second level and so on.

Thanks for the reply!

It that scalable though? The goal is to display data about files in a directory structure, for example 100's of directories. Should we create 100's of dashboards?If so, can it be done programatically?

Also, the drilldown will bring me to the same dashboard, regardless of where in the pie chart I click.

Let's say I have 2 categories in the pie chart, with 60-40 split. If I click on the item with 60%, I want to go deeper into that 60%, whereas if I click on the 40% item, I want to go deeper only in that one.

you don't need a dashboard per layer, when going to another dashboard the set filter will define the choice you made on the previous dashboard.

Make sure to check "Use filters and query from origin dashboard" when defining the drilldown

Thanks for the tip! I could implement something close to what I want based on that.

The last remaining problem is that is a bit poor UX, namely:

  • First, the user clicks on a slice of the top-level pie chart.
  • The user needs to first choose "Apply filter"
  • Then the user needs to click again in the same slice, "Go to drilldown".
  • Repeat for the deeper layers.
  • Furthermore, if a user wants to go back, they need to both go back in the browser as well as remove the filter that was created.

Is it possible to make this smoother? E.g. combine "apply filter" and "go to drilldown" into one click?

Ah nevermind, clicking on drilldown already applies the filter. Thanks!

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