How would index-pattern affect my search performances

I am using kibana's index-pattern to display the numbers in a human friendly way (to display the number of bytes in MB and GB etc). How does it effect the search performance?

Below is an excerpt from the index-pattern for the field 'something' :

This index-template config helps me displaying the aggregated value of "something" in GBs.

How is this fieldFormatMap used? Is this applied on each every document on just on the aggregated result?

The formatting done by Kibana's index patterns is all done at display time so it won't have any effect on search performance. Elasticsearch is completely unaware of the field formatters


Thanks for the reply.

In my case, all the searches are happening through the Discover plugin of the kibana. Also as my is a dashboard application, I have a lot of visualisations already in place. Would this fieldFormatMap slow the loading of the visualisations down?

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