Html in markdown

In 5.4.1, the XSS security issue about html in markdown has been corrected. But, the feature could be really interesting...
Is there plan to offer the feature again using a configuration flag? Or after sanitising the html code ?

There are no plans for now.
But out of curiosity, what are you trying to accomplish using HTML there? Maybe we could offer a workaround.

Thx for the info, even if it doesn't fit my needs :cry:

I have to display 3 textual informations in one viz:

  1. current value
  2. delta in % between last value and value last month
  3. delta in % between last value and value last year

Values 2. and 3. are displayed in red if negative, green if positive. It was easy to do with md+html+css in visual builder v5.4.0
It seems to me that the metric view display only the 2 first series configured in visual builder.

Ah, i think that can be done with field formatting as well. It works for all the other visualizations, I'd assume it would work for Visual Builder too.

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