Http request curl: (52) Empty reply from server

We started a new Elasticsearch instance of 8.4.3 and the ES is up and running but when i am trying to send an HTTP request to the server I get a reply of curl: (52) Empty reply from server but when I pass the certificates like curl --cacert /etc/elasticsearch/certs/http_ca.crt --user elastic:dummy -X GET "" I am able to get the response.

How can i get the response on just HTTP request?

Have you tried curl -k --user elastic:dummy -X GET ""? As the cluster is secured you will need to use HTTPS, and plain HTTP requests will not work.

I was able to get a response on HTTP via ES head on ES7.6 even though xpack is enabled.
Is there any workaround for 8.4.3 as well such that i can access ES via HTTP even when xpack is enabled?
Any Help is much appreciated.

I am able to get a response with curl -k --user elastic:dummy -X GET ""

Then you have not secured the cluster. I would not recommend running an unsecured cluster.

Why do you need HTTP access, which is not secure?

We have enabled the security by enabling XPACK actually we have upgraded our ES cluster then from an earlier version which doesn't have an xpack.

WE want to connect to ES from ES head over a browser

How can we connect to the ES over HTTPS from the java side to actually use this ES as a DB for our application

All official language clients support HTTPS. Have a look at the official documentation for examples.

Browsers support HTTPS so I am not sure why this would be a problem. If you are using self-signed certificates you however may need to allow this from the browser.

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