New User Problem -- empty reply from server (curl)

Today, I was trying to run Elasticsearch for the first time, but I've been running into some issues with the tutorial (Getting started with the Elastic Stack | Getting Started [8.1] | Elastic). When I check whether Elasticsearch is running using cURL, I keep getting an empty response from the server (curl: (52) Empty reply from server). Command looks like this:

curl --cacert $ES_PATH_CONF/certs/http_ca.crt -u elastic http://localhost:9300

I've been messing around with configurations and security settings in Elasticsearch.yaml, but nothing has really helped. I'm thinking it might be an issue with the $ES_PATH_CONF variable, but, to be honest, I'm not really sure what it needs to be changed to and need some help with this area as well as just getting a more intuitive understanding of how all of this works in general. Thank you!


Can you access with browser the URL http://localhost:9300? The default port is 9200 for Elasticsearch service. You checked if there are block with firewall?

Hi Gerson,

Although I had some firewall issues earlier, when I'm running it, I simply get the message that localhost didn't send any data. To be honest, I don't really remember changing the port to 9300, although it shows that as the publishing address in the logs -- is there some process that automatically does this?

Try on port 9200


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Elasticsearch listens to HTTP requests on port 9200, as Stephen mentions. Take a look at What are ports 9200 and 9300 used for?

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