Http Request from painless script not working

I want to create a runtime field based on some conditions. And i have a query which is working fine on kibana console. I implemented the same query on java code but is not working. There is a method in SearchRequest runtimeMappings() which is overloaded and can accepts String key, List<RuntimeField> value or can accepts Map<String, List<RuntimeField>> map . But when I am using any of these methods and running my query, it is throwing an exception: Caused by: org.elasticsearch.index.mapper.MapperParsingException: Expected map for runtime field [w_ticket_category] definition but got a java.util.ArrayList. This is happening because the ES expects Map instead of List in the value of these mathods. The query on kibana console taking value as a Map only and is working, and if I am trying to pass a List instead of Map then I am getting the same error.

UPDATE: I got a diff in which we can see the changes for that method. The runtimeMappings(String key, RuntimeField value) changed to runtimeMappings(String key, List<RuntimeField> value) and similarly runtimeMappings(Map<String, RuntimeField> map) changed to runtimeMappings(Map<String, List<RuntimeField>> map).
Is there any specific reason for it.
Github Diff Link
Is it known issue or i'm doing something wrong...
Any help would be appreciated.

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