Https:// not working

Hi guys,

I am looking to build a ppc64le version of filebeat and try to get the golang-crossbuild containers.

In order to do that I want to obtain them from[TAG]

When running a pull request I get:
ERRO[0002] error getting search results from v2 endpoint "": unable to retrieve auth token: invalid username/password: errors:
denied: requested access to the resource is denied
unauthorized: authentication required

I then found the manual steps for releasing a new verison (thats not what I want to do, but it seems to indicate a way to authenticate)
"Get a logon token for the container registry by visiting"

So I want to associate my GH account via, but thats not working either with "Newly-acquired token is invalid"

Now I am either doing something wrong or its not working as expected...

If someone could enlighten me to which is the case and what I can do to proceed... :slight_smile:

That should generally be anonymously readable. What is the exact command / image you're trying to get there?

docker pull is working fine for me (I even logged out just to be sure)

thanks, I was able to access 1.17.1 without issues.
Makes me wonder why the releases ( Releases · elastic/golang-crossbuild ( are not availble there.

Maybe a misunderstanding on my end how all that is related.

Thanks for your help:)

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That sounds like a good question — I don't know and have asked. I picked up the version / example from the readme but I'm unsure why the other releases wouldn't work.

  1. Try pulling docker pull
  2. I opened Some Docker images are not available? · Issue #295 · elastic/golang-crossbuild · GitHub to track this down.

This should be resolved now: release notes: add docker image suffixes by v1v · Pull Request #302 · elastic/golang-crossbuild · GitHub

Thanks for bringing it up!

Brilliant, thanks :slight_smile:

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