Huge number of requests count for Kibana in monitoring tab

Hello i enabled xpack monitoring for my cluster and when i see in monitoring tab for the past one hour i see more than 110k requests for one hour and when i open and see in kibana logs i can only see the logs where my ip is showing up who is monitoring the kibana. Apart from that i haven't seen much there how do i know who is accessing the kibana more or atleast from which ip the more requests are coming and i am pretty sure no one is accessing the kibana through any other external app.

Monitoring doesn't keep track of IP addresses, so you'll have to setup Kibana logging or a proxy and parse through it.

110k does sound like a lot for a low traffic instance, so agreed on looking into it. The request count in Kibana can be misleading however, although technically correct. Each request to the server is counted, but one load of Kibana will make lots of requests. Icons, javascript files, fonts, queries to elasticsearch, etc. One page load could easily be 30 requests.

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