Hyperlink in TSVB Markdown

Hi Team,

We are trying to add hyperlink in TSVB Markdown visualization, but there is no option to add direct link in Markdown. But we could see one option named - open link in new tab - yes/no in Panel options tab.

If any options available or anything we can do with custom CSS , kindly share your thoughts. Attached the visualization snippet for reference. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Susendiran ,

you can use the regular markdown syntax for hyperlink.
For instance I've just checked it with the following for a google search link:

[{{ count.last.raw }}](https://www.google.com/?q={{ count.last.raw }})

Do you have any particular format/url for the link?

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Hi @Marco_Liberati ,

I've tried which you provided and it worked :smile:. Thanks a lot for this :heart: !!!

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