I can’t see the tags of my own patterns in kibana

(Alok) #1


i have written my own patterns file with plenty of tags but i can't see the tags in Kibana?

for example:

RVS_FINEST %{RVS_BASE}, (%{RVS_MESSAGE_RECEIVED:log_message}|%{RVS_MESSAGE_RECEIVED2:log_message}|%{RVS_MESSAGE_RECEIVED3:log_message}|%{GREEDYDATA:log_message})

but i can't see the tags...like log_message

does somebody knows what is problem?

best regards,

(Alok) #2


my log message is parsed correctly but i can't see the tags in kibana which i have set with my own pattern. I can see only the _grokparsefailure tags..

is there any way so i can see all the tags which i used in my pattern ?

thanks in advance!

best regards,

(Tyler Smalley) #3

You will only see attributes which are contained in the dataset you are searching.

On Discover, do you see the attribute you are looking for?

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