I can,t use murmur3 field in kibana

I use kibana 4.5.1

and i add murmur3 to have quick unique count, but i can see the murmur3 in setting->indices->logstash-* fields with type murmur3, but when i would create chart, i can find it in proposition event i chose unique count

I don't understand your question. It sounds like you see that you do have a field with murmur3 data type in your index, but when you are on the Visualize tab and try to use that field you don't see it in the field list?

What kind of chart are you creating. Are you selecting 'Unique Count' for the Y-Axis?

thanks for intersting for my question,

this exactly what i do,

I have the same problem : I edit the JSON object of my chart to manualy modify the field name.