I cannot index "status.actions.my_webhook.last_execution.successful" in .watcher-history-*

Hi there, I am trying setup a watcher to send an alert based on a field status.actions.my_webhook.last_execution.successful": "false" that can be found in .watcher-history-*. This is to notify us if our 3rd parties notification API endpoint changed/not available.

Currently I am having a problem to index that field so it is searchable. I tried to refresh the fields list and gone up from ~130 to 170 but the field is still not showing there.

Any help or guidance on this would be appreciated.

Hi @Piotr_Pawlak,

Are you using the Threshold Alert UI to create this? You won't be able to use that for creating this watch as the mappings for .watcher-history-* aren't structured enough to allow you dive into the status of actions.

this is related Alert when watcher is in error state - .watcher_history topic I raised a few days ago.

All I am looking for is a programmatic method of getting alerted if a watcher is in error state. At the moment I found a field that is changing when a watcher error happen so I am trying to come up with a query first before creating an alert.

Your best bet is to create a watch against the .watcher-history-* indices.

In the query part, do a match_all to grab all the watches (or you can filter into a subset based on your needs). You cannot write a query that will filter on status because the status field is not indexed.

In the condition part, investigate the status.actions.my_webhook.last_execution.successful part of the response.

Thanks I will investigate this solution and see how far i will get.

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