I cann't choose one value of AWS filters (cloud region , machine type , available zone ) on [Metricbeat AWS] EC2 Overview dashboard on kibana

I'm using the aws Metricbeat module on kibana 7.3 .

It looks good running when i check aws metrics data(metricbeat-*) on a Discover page.

  • there's many variable datas with cloud.* data , aws.* data , host.* data
    But there 's some issue on AWS Filters pannel on the dashboard of [Metricbeat AWS] EC2 Overview

I got this message when i click a region field .

" Filtering occurs on the 'cloud.region' field, which doesn't exist on any documents in the 'metricbeat-*' index pattern.
Choose a different field or index documents that conbtain values for this field. "

Other pannels on the dashboard of [Metricbeat AWS] EC2 Overview is good working .

please give me any idea to solve this

Can you search in discover what are the values, if any, on the cloud.region field?

I can search the values of cloud.region in discover .
Cloud.region field display 4 kind of value ( ap-southeast-1 , eu-central-1, us-west-1 , ap-south-1 ) .

Seems to be a bug as reported here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/43040
Some user reported that upgrading to 7.4 solved the issue.
Please subscribe to that issue to be notified of any workaround possible in 7.3

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