I can't find elastic log

I just config path.logs in elasticsearch.yml, the path was generated,but the path is empty, I can't find the log file. Why the log file is empty? Below is my config:

cluster.name: mushroomcluster
node.name: node01
path.logs: /usr/share/elasticsearch/test

Why did you set it to that?
Does the user that runs the Elasticsearch process have write access to it?

First I set /usr/share/elasticsearch/logs, I found the path is exist and empty. Then I changed the config to prove the config is effective, and I found the new path "test" is generated. Below is the path right:

drwxrwxr-x 2 elasticsearch root 4096 Jan 29 10:12 test

I think the Elasticsearch process can write to the path.
Thank you for your respond!

Why not just leave it at /var/log/elasticsearch/?

OK.I will have a try.

I set /var/log/elasticsearch/ and reinstall, but the elasticsearch pod can not work normally. Its status is error. I think elasticsearch process can not write to this path. By the way, I use docker image to install elasticsearch.

Which docker image?


elasticsearch latest 06f0d8328d66 6 weeks ago 538.9 MB

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