I can't find kibana when I open tpot

I have installed tpot in my vms on cloud. However after a few days of deployment I cant see kibana, the page opens up as follows. The option just disappears. This has been happening multiple times. can someone suggest a solution. This is for my university and if this keeps happening, its gonna end badly for me.


First of all this looks like a very speciliazed environment and you shouldnt expect much help from the Elastic community since this looks like a system problem more than a Kibana related problem.

However i'm ready to help you if you can provide help with "How Kibana is running" ?

You have to take matters into your own hands by finding clues about why Kibana is not showing / running.

Please come back with some Errors logs so we can start somewhere.

The backend of the project :

What about the Kibana container ?

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