I don't understand the docs for bulk API for .NET

This is the BULK document for .NET API V1.x: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/client/net-api/1.x/bulk.html

But a search on the word BULK for the .NET API V2.x: https://www.elastic.co/search?q=bulk&section=Docs%2FClients%2F.Net%2F2.x

doesn't yield anything, as if there was no bulk API.

Now, if you look for the ElasticSearch API 2.x, not the .NET version, the search: https://www.elastic.co/search?q=bulk&section=Docs%2FElasticsearch%2FReference%2F2.3

clearly shows that there is content.

So, did bulk disappear from .NET in API 2.x? it doesn't look like it as I'm using it...

Can someone explain?

Hey @ThomasD3, the documentation for NEST 2.x was overhauled and improved as part of the large refactoring that happened to the clients in support for Elasticsearch 2.0.

Where documentation for NEST 1.x could drift away from the source code, NEST 2.x generates all documentation from tests so that the possibility for drift between documentation and source code is minimized. As part of this refactoring, some documentation sections in NEST 1.x may not (as yet) be in the documentation for 2.x. We expect to continually improve the documentation over time.

To answer your question, the bulk api is alive and well in NEST 2.x; take a look at the integration tests for it as an example :smile: