I got an unknown error in kibana

I got an unknown error below in kibana.

I have no idea about why it occurred in kibana.

Could someone tell me under what circumstance the unknown error will occur in kibana?

@minhua1983, Can you please check the log at your elasticsearch server and kibana server?
Please paste some error logs that will make easy to troubleshoot the issue.


There is no relevant log in elasticsearch when the unknown error occurred.It is odd.

Sorry,I have't set the log item in kibana.yml. So there is no relevant log in kibana, either.

It would probably be useful if you provided a bit more information. Which version are you using? Which operating system are you running Kibana on? Do you have any non-default plugins installed? What does your configuration look like? Has this installation worked before?

The version of elasticsearch is 5.6.4.
The version of kibana is 5.6.4.
We deploy elasticsearch and kibana on the non-cluster environment.
The operaring system is windows 2008 r2.
We installed the plugins below, but they work well.

  • elasticsearch Head
  • elasticsearch HQ
  • kibana sentinl

We have deployed elasticsearch and kibana for several months.They work well.

The unknown error in kibana never occurred but today.

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