SearchError: unknown error

Hi to all,

working in Kibana with a large amount of data, we are getting this error:

On our index, we are working with a storage size of 31.7gb and with a count of 58575555 as you can see in the below image:

Also with the new version (6.6.0) has appeared a new folder in Kibana (called "dlls") that contains the js and the dll in error (is it a new search engine to perform searches?).

Thanks a lot in advance for each reply.

Good eye :). Dll's are a partial optimization we are doing to allow faster rebuilds when a plugin is installed.

unknown error in Kibana is usually when Kibana receives an unexpected response. Kibana knows how to handle elasticsearch and browser errors (hopefully), most commonly we see this with a proxy in front that will close connections after a certain timeout while we're waiting for a response from elaticsearch. If you open your browsers developer tools and wait for an error to happen can you check the response?

Hi Jon, thanks for your quick replay!

No reverse proxy is used in my case.
Below the debug of Kibana session when I get the "unknown error":




I understand that the problem was TCP close connection after 120 seconds. But in Kibana I set the request timeout to 300 seconds:

elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 300000

I means is node.js to keep the response timeout too low for my case: is it possible update the value? If yes where is the parameter?

Thanks a lot for your time!

Ah yeah, we're htiting the Node.js default. There isn't a way to configure that right now but you have a good point. I opened an issue at

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