Kibana timouts after 120 sec

Hello to all,

I am working in Kibana 6.8.0 and ES 6.8.0 with huge amount of data (about 2.5 billion docs) and when I try to request data with large time pool I stuck with following error:

SearchError: unknown error
    at http://localhost:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:4:383522
    at processQueue (http://localhost:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:450:199687)
    at http://localhost:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:450:200650
    at Scope.$digest (http://localhost:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:450:210412)
    at Scope.$apply (http://localhost:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:450:213219)
    at done (http://localhost:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:450:132717)
    at completeRequest (http://localhost:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:450:136329)
    at XMLHttpRequest.requestError (http://localhost:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:450:135346)

I've set up elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 300000 in kibana.yml but still got empty response from server after 2 minutes (used dev console Chrome). There is no proxy between me (browser) and kibana server.
I've found this topic SearchError: unknown error but no solution.
Is there any solution for such an issue?

Hey @mustdiee, welcome to the discussion boards!

It sounds like you're running into this limitation:
Unfortunately, there isn't a workaround at this time, but I recommend adding a "thumbs up" reaction to that issue to let the team know you're also interested in seeing that fixed.

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