Kibana "Discover Unknown error"

Hello, i'm having trouble with kibana and i don't know what i have to do to keep this running.

Kibana is giving me an error 'Discover:Unknown error'.

I'm using nginx as a proxy and https communication.
When i do f12 in the browser it gives me an error 405 OPTIONS.
Cloud you please advise?

Is there any response body on the request that's erroring (in dev tools)? Can you share your proxy config in nginx?

Hello, this is my nginx configuration.

In the Browser (in dev tools)

It gives me this.

And than this!

Thank you for the help!

Sorry offhand I'm drawing a blank. 405 not allowed in elasticsearch roughly means the request method isn't allowed, which may point to the proxied route being off. In kibana.yml are you connecting to elasticsearch directly or to the proxy?

jbudz,we are directly connected to elasticsearch in the kibana.yml file

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