Request Timeout after 30000ms in Kibana

Hi guys,

I'm using Kibana 7.2.0 version and it was working fine but suddenly now when I am running it from the command prompt. It is giving an timeout error.

Whereas, If I am trying to access Kibana from localhost. It is opening, but I am not being able to solve any of the visualization or dashboards I am creating.

Please help me resolving this error.

Its clear that the request isn't returning properly. Do you have similar logs from elasticsearch?

No, I dont have similar logs for Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch logs would help us verify whether the request was received and if its was received why it might be failing. From the information provided its unclear if this is a elasticsearch/kibana communication problem or a networking problem.

Do you have any idea that what should I do next to resolve this problem?

Hi, This issue is fixed. I just changed the heap size in the elasticsearch/config/jvm.options.
Made it to -Xms5g -Xmx5g

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