Error: Request Timeout after 30000ms

my elasticsearch and kibana runing in 2 servers.
I can use python script to get data from ES, but kibana runs error like this:

the status page like this:

I checked the kibana logs. It just has 2 error message and change the status again and again.

And the ES logs show these message:

I'm not sure where this problem come from.
I have reboot kibana many times, but it doesn't help.

Anyone has ideas about this problem?
Many thanks!!!

This error indicates that your Elasticsearch cluster is having problems. What is the output of the cluster stats API?

I rebooted ES, and it works now.
But I still don't find the root of this problem. I will keep checking it

The Error comes again๏ผ

This is the Logs๏ผš

anyone know how to fix this problem??

this is the output of stats API, but it is after restart ES......I hope it is still useful.

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Please don't paste images of logs but just logs (formatted please).
Hardly readable.

You have a lot of shards and indices for a cluster with so little heap, which leads to heap pressure. Please read this blog post about shards and sharding, and then try to reduce the number of indices and shards in your cluster or scale up/out.

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