I have created a Kibana dashboard for Top 10 Process by CPU Usage , the data is not coming up for 15 or 30 minutes or even for 1 hour

Kibana version -7.17.3, elk version 7.17.3

I have used the field - system.process.cpu.total.pct and aggregation is average... i dont see data coming up for 15 or 30 mints or even 1 hour interval time . I only get it for 24 hours . X asxis i have put the process names(which are showing up)

i have tried to use the system.process.cpu.total.norm.pct .. data comes up for sometime and then vanishes for the 15 minutes or 30 minutes interval time

please guide me in having a solution for this issue

can anyone give some *inputs on this issue

can some one give me how the value is calculated for these particular fields

system.process.cpu.total.norm.pct and system.process.cpu.total.pct

i am getting system.process.cpu.total.pct is 100% but the system.process.cpu.norm.total.pct shows 0.0 percent .. how is this possible

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