I lost my 30 day free trail

Hi Team,

I was playing around the kibana, and at some point I saw 30 day free trail option in stack management, and I clicked on that.

but then I thought I don't need a 30 day trail right now, I thought to save this trial for later, so I clicked "back to basic license."

but I have lost the free trail option now, and there is a new option called "Extend your trial", but I haven't used anything with my previous trial.

I have hardly used 2mins of 30 days and then returned back to the basic license

can anyone help me, how can I get my previous subscription ?


Completely Uninstall and Reinstall is really the only way... make sure to clean out the data directory...

If that is not an option .. extend your trial... and then if you need more time you will need to contact sales and have them extend it.

hi stephen,

uninstall and reinstall both kibana and Elasticsearch ?


Although you may need to reenroll Kibana / update the security settings not sure... Depending how you setup

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