I see no new entries uploaded with logstash in kibana - 74b40a

I see only three entries uploaded with logstash today in Kibana.
But I see that number of entries loaded are pretty large in kopf.
What am I doing wrong?

Hard to say, there's very little information you are giving about what you are doing and how.

Check your timepicker in Kibana you might have a bad time range.

What is the size of your index? what is the last time data was written to you file?

try to "echo 'This is a test' >> <filename>" see if that comes up in your kibana indexes.

When troubleshooting stuff like this , try installing sense, and run a manual query. Or install Head and browse your data.

But like Mark said your going to have to provide more information as your question is to broad.Or narrow down your question.

Thanks for replies. The problem was caused by wrong index pattern on the settings page in Kibana.

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