I want contribute to kibana

I finished installing and testing the Linux version of Kibana.
I forked git repo.
"kibana\src\plugins\data\target\public\data.plugin.js" file did not exist.
What should I do?

Hi @dawn023349

welcome to the Kibana community.
Have you run yarn kbn boostrap? If you try yarn start does it start?

The kibana\src\plugins\data\target should be a folder that gets created when bundling the data plugin, so only when you run yarn start. The target folder in every plugin is ignored in git as it contains only build artefacts.

Thank you for your reply @Marco_Liberati

I found similar sources to contribution target. ( git repo search )

Path is packages/kbn-es-query/src/filters/build_filters/phrase_filter.test.ts.
Is packages... correct path?

( target source is ...boolean compare(Supplier s, def v)... )

I think I'm not sure I understand what you are looking for.
Can you clarify?

I will modify(contribution) Kibana>Visualization>Filter query.

The exact path I checked is "kibana\src\plugins\data\target\public\data.plugin.js".
But this path(file) exists only linux version.

I tried to search git repo for a portion of the source.

Is there anything else you need?
Thank you for reply!

That code is present in packages/kbn-es-query/src/filters/build_filters/phrase_filter.ts.
But I'm not sure I understand why that code needs to be changed: do you have any issue, found a bug for that wrapping code?

Thank you so much for checking!
I'll write an issue and link it to this post.

I'm done.
How do I add a label? :sweat_smile:

Is there anything I need to contribute?

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