IBM Compose For Elasticsearch - Same as Elastic Search


I came across IBM compose-for-elasticsearch. Just curious is the same Elastic Search 6.6 or its completely different product.

Can someone share insights or any differences ? TIA

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It's Elasticsearch, Jim, but not as we know it.

The versions page tells us it allows you to use only versions 5.6.9 and 6.2.2, which is very restrictive. These versions are also strangely old: even within those minor series there are newer patch releases, 5.6.14 and 6.2.4 at time of writing, and the 6.x series is up to 6.6.0 today.

The docs are pretty sparse, but there's no suggestion that you get any of the features included in even the free basic licence let alone any Gold and Platinum level features. I'm glad to see that at least it's accessible over HTTPS (apparently only using HTTP basic auth and every user is a super-user). The only other notable thing I could glean is that it doesn't support rolling upgrades from 5.x to 6.x.

Each instance offers 2GB of storage and 204MB of RAM, which is absolutely tiny, and costs $18 per month with a bit of a volume discount. The smallest possible instance on Elastic Cloud is 5 times larger yet priced comparably as shown below. Bear in mind that this, unlike IBM's service, also includes many of the Gold and Platinum-level licence features as well as access to the latest versions.


thanks for response with detailed information. Good to know its older version.

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