Icon Replacement - Kibana 4.6.1

Has anyone had any luck in changing out the tab icon in Kibana 4.6.1? I was able to update badging in prior version (4.5.x), but it appears this process has changed.

I used to be able to replace the elk.ico file in /opt/kibana/src/ui/public/images and then once I reinstalled a plugin (e.g. sense) and restarted Kibana, it would replace the icon in /opt/kibana/optimize/bundles/... and the icon would appear, but that process no longer changes the icon from the default.

This is somewhat important for brand consistency, but more important due to my need to be able to differentiate between development, staging & production environments without actually navigating to the tab.

Does this help? Replace the kibana logo?

The link you referenced is regarding changing the Logo and not the icon. The icon is seen at the top of the tab.

I tested changing that icon also and I updated that other post to keep it all in one place. It worked for me.

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That works for me too. Thanks @LeeDr