If i have large amount of data, should i create multi data stream instead of a single data stream

If the storage capacity is about several Trillionbyte, should i use a single data stream?
like this:

data stream aaa

contains index:aaa-2022.01.06-0001,aaa-2022.01.06-0002,aaa-2022.01.07-0003

or several data stream

data stream one: aaa-2022.01.06,constains index:aaa-2022.01.06-2022.01.06-0001

data stream two: aaa-2022.01.07,constains index:aaa-2022.01.07-2022.01.07-0001

Just the one is fine. Datastreams use ILM under the hood, so they will roll indices as needed.

Multiple shards can be used to scale ingest also. IMHO, you should not have more shards than nodes, never force multiple actively writing shards on a single node.

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