If there are 2 replicas do they need to be in 2 seperate nodes

The health is yellow. I have a 2 node cluster for Elastic search and the health is in yellow. It looks like there are 10 primary shards and 2 replicas (i.e 2 reaplicas per primary shard so that mean 20 replica shards). If primay is in node1 and can all the replicas be in node 2 or will we need a node 3 for the second replica. I did read that ES does not place replica in the same node as the primay. so does if there a 2 replicas can it place in the same node (node2) or the second one has to be place in node 3

> health status index              uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size pri.store.size
> yellow open   sdfs_v4         D2BpVICsddShJay_iz1FBQ    10   2     870293        28005      7.8gb          3.8gb
> yellow open   abc_v4        nd-5fffsbcvcxxCqZPVNMCQ     10   2     396914       205632      2.7gb          1.3gb

If you want 3 copies of a shard (1 primary and 2 replicas) you need 3 nodes at least.

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