If we hover a mouse in specific visual then it will be highlight entire visual background? Is it expected behavior

Hi Team,

Suppose i have one visual as below.


If i want to see only green color details then hover a mouse on that Green color bar so, background of that Green color bar only effect/highlight in the background. But, here it's highlighting both the bar's in the background as shown in the above image.

Requesting team to clarify on the above.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Abj_Ins

current the behaviour is to take the hovered bucket and divide it into the number of bars: the highlight will apply to the portion of the bucket, not just the bar.

Thanks @Marco_Liberati for response.

Is there any possibility to remove the background . Here, we need to highlight only selected bar, but not all bars which are present in the visual.


All bars are highlighted only if the user hover the empty part of the bucket, as that is interpreted as "user wants to highlight that particular bucket".
Hovering a single bar will no highlight other bars around.

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