Iframe not updating when changing time parameter

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Hello all,

I am running Kibana 5.0.0 and using the share option for putting the dashboard in the page I want it to display in.

In that page I also have two dropdown boxes for some datepickers to put the time in the dashboard.

That works well for the snapshot sharing, but for the "Live" sharing where changes to the dashboard will reflect automatically on the page where it is embeded this does not work, whatever interval I put in the time parameter it will always show whatever is set on the dashboard in kibana.

The URL looks something like https://urlofmyapp/app/kibana#/dashboard/Dashboard?_g=(refreshInterval:(display:Off,pause:!f,value:0),time:(from:now-90d,mode:quick,to:now))&embed&embed

and when I change the time to anything else it always shows the -90 days untill now

Any idea why this behaviour occurs?

Best regards
Joao Garin

(Tim Sullivan) #2

Was the dashboard saved with "last 90 days" as the time frame?

Try changing your time range, copy the URL that gets generated, and paste it into a new window and see if it works that way. If it does, something could be wrong with your code.

Looks like something weird is happening here. If you are just modifying the time range, then it would look something like:


For some reason, you have 2 &embed in your URL, and there's no URL encoding on the Rison parts.

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