Ignore gobal filter not found

Hi guys,

I would like to have a dashboard with two maps (identical) on which I can indipendently slect filters from the + sign in one tooltip and have them filtered indipendently to compare visually what happens.

Is it possible?

Could not find the ignore global filter feature. (kibana v 7.8.0)


You can turn off global filters on a layer by layer basis for each of your maps. To turn off global filters, open the layer editor and unselect "Apply global filter to layer data" in the "Filter" panel

Dear Nathan,

It is not what I wanted though...
What I want is create a dashboard with two maps. Then I would like to compare one document to another, so on a map I want to filter for a document (having only that one and on the other another only the other one).

I can do it using two browser windows, but is is possible to have it in a dashboard?

Oviously the filters should be applied to the maps theirself and not visibile on the main dashboard..

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