ILM delete phase does not seem to do anything to index


I have a cloud Instance I use for a research project. It has 180gb disk space and it is almost full and causing problems to my stack. I want to free up some space so I looked at the indices that are using up all my space and came across this hidden indice

I set the Index Lifecycle Policy to move data to delete phase when 2 hours old

But the indice didn't change in size

The current phase is delete but it doesn't do anything

  "policy": ".monitoring-8-ilm-policy",
  "phase_definition": {
    "min_age": "2h",
    "actions": {
      "delete": {
        "delete_searchable_snapshot": true
  "version": 13,
  "modified_date_in_millis": 1679905250050

Any idea's what may be wrong here?

I solved the issue

The ILM didn't create a rollover automatically so the data stream kept writing to the indice because of that the indice was never deleted

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