ILM Failed and not created new index

I set up an ILM and it ran until 2020/11/01, ILM showed errors when it rotated the index and stopped creating new indexes, I tried to delete the previous index that had an error, I restarted the full ELK stack including the beats, I tried to use the

GET / my-index * / _ ilm / explain

but as I had removed the index with an error, it had no effect

I recreated the index in the kibana and still does not return data in the index

version elk stack = 7.0.1

Please share the errors you saw.

llegal_argument_exception: index.lifecycle.rollover_alias [filebeat-7.0.1] does not point to index [filebeat-7.0.1]

Ok, so did you resolve that?

No, this is the current error

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