ILM of index naming rule

Hi folks,

Would it be possible to setup the shrink index name with prefix or suffix in ILM?
for example:
original name: metrics-2019.02.21
shrink name: metrics-2019.02.21-shrink

Hi, thank you for your interest in Elasticsearch, and for using ILM in particular!

Unfortunately, changing the prefix, or switching to a suffix, used by ILM for shrunken indices is not currently possible. If this is a feature you'd like us to add, could I ask you to open an issue on the Elasticsearch GitHub repo?

Sure. will do it.
The reason why I want this feature is that even though it is cold data.
Sometimes ppl still want to look back for the metrics or log.
But when you using another tool like grafana, you have to change the index name to read the old data.
So in my opinion it would be great to have prefix or suffix.

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