I'm creating a snapshot successfully but when query GET snapshot I don't get a suited response - How come?

I get a good response after creating my snapshot, but right after that, I perform a GET to the snapshot I've created and sometimes I get an exception that claims there's no such snapshot
in the repository. how can it be when I know for a fact that there is one?
can someone please shed some light on this? Does ElasticSearch have a delay sometimes between the creation of a snapshot and the approaching of it?

What is the used version?
Are you performing GET method immediately after the create operation?
Are you using NFS or similar disk?

i'm using 5.6.9 version.
yes, immediately after the create operation.
and no, I'm not using NFS or similar disk I'm using s3.

tnx for your response, and sorry for the delay - it was a holiday here:)

are you sure that snapshot has been created?
did you check ES's logs when you face the error?

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