Restore request has no response and doesnt execute


I've successfully created a snapshot in s3 and it appears to be fine when calling _snapshot/name/_all. When trying to restore it with a POST to _snapshot/name/snapshot/_restore the request hangs indefinitely, never returning and never starting the restore. No errors in the logs.

ES version 6.2.1

Any ideas for troubleshooting?


Hey Chris.

My only suggestion would be to upgrade as so many fixes happened since 6.2. 8.10.1 is the last release we have and 6.8 is not receiving any patch anymore, including security fixes.

Not sure how to solve your problem though.

May be running a hot_threads call could give you some ideas???

Thanks for the super fast response.

Yeah I figured, unfortunately have to wait for the team to update our code for all the changes. Will try that.

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