Issue with AWS backup and restore process

I am having an issue with the snapshot and restore process for ES.
I have created two nodes to test my snapshot and restore. I can't seem to make it work.

I have created a bucket in AWS , added plugin for s3 and I have registered the repo on both nodes.

so node 1 has repo registered and so does node 2.
I can take the snapshot successfully on node 1. however, I cannot restore that snapshot in node 2.

I would appreciate any advice please , I have been working on this for too long and can't seem to find an answer.

Please provide;

  • The commands you are running
  • The responses of those commands from Elasticsearch
  • Any logs or errors

so I sorted out the issue but I have another one , when I copy the snapshot over , it constantly has an error with the indices already existing. I know the issue but it will be a problem when automation comes into play. is there anything u can suggest to only allow the updates to be sent over automatically

It'd be handy if you could share the solution, it might help someone in future :slight_smile:

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