Import a csv, ndjson or log file not showing in Kibana


I am using Kibana 7.3.2 and Elastic 7.3.2 to visualize some data but I cannot see the option to "import a csv ndjson or log file"

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Are you using the OSS version of Kibana? You need the free basic license in order to have access to the Data Visualizer which does the CSV import.

You can import CSV files using logstash not only kibana if you cannot use the csv import feature.

You need to define your pipelines of csv configs in the pipelines.yml and in the csv configs you need to map each csv column to a variable.

Logstash ingests to kibana csv files and logs with ease but the ingestion is done line by line not column by column

Hope this helps
Hope this helps

Thank you for your reply. As far as I understood both oss and free basic license are the same?
Also I used to have this version installed before and I had access to the import data functionality

OSS doesn't contain all the features as the basic one. You can check the differences here:

Both options leads to the same download page. Is there a way to choose which version on the download page?

You need to pick Kibana-OSS from the list if you want OSS.
This is the link to it:
And the one you posted is the correct one, that you need for having access to data visualizer as it comes with the basic license.

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Thank you Marius.

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